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Tom Middleton / Beak / Poolside / Scuba June 17, 2012

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1.  Orbital’s new album is a triumphant return to mid-90’s form and peppers in some current influences to satisfying effect.  Single “New France”, featuring it-goth-girl Zola Jesus (see also:  M83), has been given the remix cycle and the resulting EP was hiding this spectacular head-nodder.  Until now.

2.  Beak is an English (of course) trio whose most notable member is Geoff Barrow of Portishead fame, among other previously-covered production projects.  And Christ knows we all love Portishead.  Their new album is slated for release July 10 and promises to be another sludge-covered trip through codeine-laced Can-inspired electro-kraut rhythms.  Here’s a killer representative from their their 2009 debut album, aka Beak>.

3.  This tune is all over everyone’s blogs already, but I’ll repost it if you haven’t had a chance to hear because its timing couldn’t be more perfect.  “Slow Down” by Poolside is a hot sticky…poolside…-style summer romp that calls to mind the simplicity and humidity of Will Smith’s “Summertime” and nicely chill-waves hello to memories of your formative summers.

4.  A new, completely badass Underworld/trance-style Scuba tune, here remixed by:  himself (under his SCB alias).  It’s just about official, this dude can do no wrong.



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