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New Build / CFCF May 11, 2012

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As I try to catch up on the albums on my (never-ending/ever-growing) list, so shall you.  Some new tunes then:

1. New Build is a threesome, two of which are from Hot Chip.  As I slogged through this very Hot Chip-ian album (I’m not a big fan of theirs), I stumbled upon this shimmering gem.  Interestingly, there’s an entire paragraph in Eric Grandy’s album review on P4k devoted to this one song (see below).  It’s affecting.

[Equally affecting, and perhaps more clearly the band’s own, are the house-pop hybrids “Behind the Shutter” and “Do You Not Feel Loved?”, each of which is propelled by rising synth chords and steady-pumping 4/4 kicks, but to opposite ends. The former is all giddy and light, the latter one of those gorgeous saddo-at-the-rave numbers that this extended family does so well, as hands-in-the-air as it is heart-sunk-to-the-floor. As its muted chords rev into full-on synth buzz, accented by steel drums, Doyle tenderly sings, “and as the party’s shutting down, do you not feel loved?” and the effect is like a friend checking in on you as your E’s wearing off: You want the song not to end but to swell up one more time, even though you know it’s time to go home.]

After this song (#7 out of 12), the album changed gears to less indie-plain and more angular pop and was noticeably better for it, but I still won’t buy it. This single, however, is happily owned now.

Spotify or YouTube, whichever’s easiest:

2.  “Exercise 3 – Buildings” is a swirling synth suite reminiscent of peak 80’s Tangerine Dream (the good peak) that grabs your ear as it ascends, brick by brick, to the penthouse in the sky.  Its composer, CFCF, is Montreal’s Mike Silver, to whom we alerted you way back when.  The whole of this new EP is, in fact, excellent.  It’s an hour slab of thick 80’s ambient-style pop, all of which is cooked just rare enough that its sound doesn’t come off as over-produced.  More a Sunday PM than a Saturday PM album, if you get me.  Also will put up another one I’m obsessing over:  “Exercise 5 – September”

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the untimely passing of the Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch.  Though I didn’t listen to much Beasties after their under-rated Check Your Head album, one cannot deny their influence on everything from music to style to fighting for your right to kick down color boundaries.  Similarly, it was Yauch that branched into several philanthropic endeavors, the most high-profile of which were the Tibetan Freedom concerts.  See Thom Yorke’s comments about this here, then go listen to Actress’ RIP album (fitting…) and plant a tree.  More recently, Yauch’s film production company Oscilloscope Laboratories picked up the VERY HIGHLY ANTICIPATED LCD Soundsystem docu-concert from last year’s MSG show.  A shame, to be sure.



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