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Not the Children of the Corn Malachai February 27, 2011

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Is it always f**n cloudy in England?

The other Malachai.  The one that is the duo from Bristol.  You may recall Bristol for 2 reasons.  1:  dubstep “version 2.0″ launching pad for the likes of Joker, Pinch, Peverelist, etc, or 2:  as the birthplace of trip-hop, giving rise to Massive Attack/Tricky, Roni Size, and Portishead and even many of the forefathers of drum’n’bass. 

Well, it seems Portishead’s Geoff Barrow has been busy sculpting the younger generation in his own image, starting with Malachai (he’s producer to their new LP Return to the Ugly Side).  The duo, having began recording life as a producer and rapper, has changed targets and hit on a rather infectious mixture of early-70’s English AM (think: Beatles, Guess Who) and scuzzy stoner rock (think: a less synth-y Dungen); however, as if we need another sign o’ the times, these “instruments” are entirely laptop-produced.  Anyhow, this is their year of conquest – you can find them holding court at South by Southwest next month.

Enjoy 2 songs today.


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